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Selasa, 24 Mei 2016

Embedded PC Industrial Surabaya Indonesia

Embedded PC: An embedded PC is a non-general-purpose computer, designed and optimized for a single custom application. It is typically built with all of the components on a single board, including microcontrollers or microprocessors, memory, bus, I/O, and other custom chips. The system even includes the software or firmware (firmware usually resides in read-only memory, or ROM). Embedded PCs are truly the intersection between hardware and software, as a tight relationship exists between the two parts: one could not work without the other. Designing with embedded PCs can answer hard or soft real-time needs.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this information about embedded PCs. When we think about embedded PC, we are referring to a self-contained PC used as a part of any larger system. Many industries need a high-performance computing power for their existing device or system. That it can serve as the brains behind a new system. It has unique features that is exclusively made up for a special task for one device. Embedded computers have important advantages over standard consumer-grade hardware. You can set-up the device in any position or orientation. As the industry grows, consult your IC supplier on its maintenance & efficient cooling. Of course, this device is also protected into environmental damage. It ranges from dust and airborne debris to extreme temperatures, moisture and vibration. Several embedded computers help improve the functionality of the overall system. These advanced PCs ensure the smooth performance of routine tasks for any industry.


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